I partner with high-impact organizations to help you launch your biggest products and services. I can help you with:

  • Ideation and brainstorming
  • Product design and product management
  • Rapidly evaluating ideas and proposed solutions
  • Helping teams improve their process of innovation
  • Building teams that value intellectual honesty and failing fast
  • Creating compelling visions and translating that into presentations

I’ve developed a unique approach to this work through starting and leading many new products at Google (Maps, Street View, Android, Search, Photos, and YouTube) as well as at X (formerly Google X). I’m so grateful to have learned first-hand from so many visionary leaders and technologists during my career there.

In those roles (and while I was CEO at Oceankind), I evaluated thousands of ideas, project proposals, and investment opportunities. I successfully pitched many of my own ideas to C-level executives and ultra high-net worth individuals, so I have extensive experience creating and reviewing effective presentations, vision statements, product requirement documents, etc.

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