I have given many talks, keynote addresses, and workshops on the following topics, which I can do for private team summits or large public events.

  • Innovation Workshop
  • Moonshot Thinking
  • Creating Your Own Luck to Get Your Dream Job

I really come alive on-stage and love leading interactive innovation workshops to help team tap into their full creative potential, push their imagination, and evoke their childlike wonder. During my time at Google and Google X, I taught thousands of new employees (through many workshops) on the topic of “Idea to Launch”, how to create new products at Google. I also led dozens of workshops on “moonshot thinking” (a core approach at X) and early stage ideation.

I’ve given high-energy keynote addresses and workshops at the United Nations, for Fortune 500 executives, with some of the world’s biggest (and smallest) non-profit organizations, for indigenous leaders’ events, at K12 teachers’ conferences, and with school children. People always tell me afterwards just how much they’ve loved the experiences and learned from them.

Contact me if you’d like to learn more about my talks and workshops.