My name is Evan Rapoport and right now I’m exploring the world… and myself. Trying to figure out what I most long for in my life. I see my path in nature. My first stop is wildlife conservation Kenya.

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Before embarking on my current journey, I was the founding CEO of Oceankind, a philanthropic organization dedicated to helping the ocean by funding innovative organizations that are developing radical solutions to solve the huge problems threatening our oceans.

Previously I was a Project Lead at X (formerly Google[x]), which I joined in 2014. X is a “moonshot factory” that develops new businesses that can address a global problem via a radical solution that requires a breakthrough technology. I also worked as a Product Manager and rapid evaluator on an incredible team that was charged with identifying new moonshots for the company.

Before X, I worked at Google where I led or co-led the creation of dozens of new products and features in Maps, Street View, Search, Android, Photos, Clips, Social, YouTube, and Daydream.

Prior to moving to California in 2011, I lived on Oahu, Hawaii for eight years. I developed and designed map-based tracking solutions for adventure travelers, ocean-focused hands-on learning tools for STEM education, and brain-computer interfaces for severely disabled individuals. These efforts were funded by DARPA, NSF, and NOAA.

In my free time, I enjoy hiking, surfing, stand-up paddling, photography, and daydreaming about being in nature. I have traveled to about thirty countries, experiencing profound awe of the world while nurturing a deeper understanding of other cultures and what it means to be human. The more I learn, the less I know.