I work with high-impact organizations, visionary philanthropists, and experienced leaders to help launch big ideas. I am currently a Senior Technology Fellow at Conservation International where I am building partnerships with technology companies to help solve some of the biggest problems facing our planet.

As a creative problem-solver with extensive experience working with some of the most audacious companies, philanthropists, and global leaders, my passion and focus is the beginning of the innovation cycle. I quickly learn about new problem spaces and then rapidly evaluate many potential ideas with a systems-level approach and an eye towards cross-sector partnerships. I view the world with a beginner’s mind and childlike wonder.

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I was the founding CEO of Oceankind (a major new foundation) where I worked with an ultra-high net worth family in Silicon Valley to design, launch, and grow a revolutionary approach to philanthropy, impact investing, and ocean conservation.

As a Product Manager at Google, I co-founded and launched many new software and hardware products (some used by billions of people) in Maps, Street View, Android, Search, Photos, and YouTube. At X (formerly Google X), I rapidly evaluated dozens of potential “moonshot” ideas and co-founded Tidal, an audacious new global business to help the ocean and feed the world responsibly.

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