My name is Evan Rapoport I am the founding CEO of Oceankind, a new philanthropic organization dedicated to helping our ocean. Our mission is to dramatically improve the health of global ocean ecosystems while supporting the livelihoods of people who rely on them. We fund innovative organizations that are developing radical solutions to solve the huge problems threatening our oceans.

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Previously I served as a Project Lead at X (formerly Google[x]), which I joined in 2014. X is a “moonshot factory” that develops new businesses that can address a global problem via a radical solution that requires a breakthrough technology. I also worked as a Product Manager and rapid evaluator on an incredible team that was charged with identifying new moonshots for the company.

Before my current role, I served for over 6 years as a Project Lead and Product Manager at Alphabet (Google’s parent company)– 3 years at Google and 3 years at X (“the moonshot factory”). At Google, I led or co-led the creation of dozens of new products and features in Maps, Street View, Search, Android, Photos, Clips, Social, YouTube, and Daydream.

Before moving to California in 2011, I lived on Oahu, Hawaii for eight years. I developed and designed map-based tracking solutions for adventure travelers, ocean-focused hands-on learning tools for STEM education, and brain-computer interfaces for severely disabled individuals. These efforts were funded by DARPA, NSF, and NOAA.

In my free time, I enjoy, hiking, surfing, stand-up paddling, photography, and daydreaming about the ocean. I have traveled to about thirty countries, experiencing profound awe of nature while nurturing a deeper understanding of other cultures and what it means to be human.