My name is Evan Rapoport and I’m a rapid evaluator of moonshot projects, startup mentor, storyteller, photographer, ocean lover, and outdoor enthusiast. I live in Santa Cruz, California and work in Mountain View.

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I’m a Product Manager on the Rapid Evaluation team at X (formerly Google[x]), which I joined in 2014. X is a “moonshot factory” that develops new businesses that can address a global problem via a radical solution that requires a breakthrough technology. I’m part of an incredible team that rapidly evaluates new moonshot ideas.

Prior to X, I worked on Google Maps from 2011-2014, leading a number of our community photography products, including Photo Sphere, Views, Panoramio, and the Street View Trekker partner program.

Before moving to California in 2011, I lived by the beach in Kailua, Hawaii. I developed and designed map-based tracking solutions for adventure travelers, ocean-focused hands-on learning tools for STEM education, and brain-computer interfaces for severely disabled individuals. These efforts were funded by DARPA, NSF, and NOAA.

I’m also building a bridge between Silicon Valley and Hawaii. Not literally.

Kayaking in Kailua