I work with high-impact organizations, visionary philanthropists, and experienced leaders to help launch big ideas. I currently lead the Moonshots program on the Brain Team in Google Research.

Work Experience

I have almost 20 years of experience inventing, rapidly evaluating, and advancing new technologies across many fields.

  • X (formerly Google X), as a co-founder and Project Lead for Tidal, a moonshot to protect the ocean and feed humanity sustainably
  • X, as a Rapid Evaluator of new moonshots, mostly related to food production and consumer electronics
  • Oceankind (an ocean conservation org funded by an ultra-high net worth family), as the founding CEO to bring “moonshot thinking” into philanthropy
  • Google Maps, as a Product Manager for Street View where I started and launched many new photography and camera products leveraging machine learning, computer vision, and community-building

I’ve taught dozens of workshops for thousands of people about innovation and “moonshot thinking” to turn ideas into reality. I’ve spoken at the United Nations, presented to C-level exec’s at Fortune 500 companies, collaborated with the leads of many of the world’s largest foundations and non-profit organizations, and advised dozens of startups.

I’ve given numerous talks at top universities to help people use unique approaches to find happiness in their careers and navigate times of major transition. I’ve also written some popular articles on these topics (e.g., “The 10-Second Resume” and “Converting Dumb Luck to Fortune“, which was published in National Geographic).

I have received 15 software and hardware patents and have published seven peer-reviewed journal articles.

Before my years in Silicon Valley, I worked at high tech R&D startups in Honolulu, Hawaii, mostly on wearable functional brain imaging systems for cognitive state detection and assisting disabled people (funded by DARPA, ONR, and NSF).

Working with me

Please contact me if you would like to discuss what you’re working on.